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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

Outdoor/Activities Chair

  • Ensure a monthly outdoor program;
  • Confirm 2 deep leadership 3 month's in advance of event.
  • Make all reservations/bookings necessary for event ie; campsites, activity fees.
  • Communicate with scout in charge of event to make sure event logistics are covered.
    • Camp Site Selection; secure permission or by fee.
    • Departure/Return Times.
    • Third party activity fees ie; climbing fee, canoe/kayak rental.
    • Overall cost of event including food: $2.50 per person/per meal.
  • Serve as transportation coordinator.
  • Submit Tour Plan on
  • Collect and confirm health forms when required for event.
  • Collect and confirm consent forms when required for event.
  • Provide Tour Leader with;
    • Copy of Approved Tour Plan.
    • Reservation Confirmations.
    • List of confirmed attendees.
    • Health forms for attendees.
    • Consent forms for attendees.
  • Promote, through family meetings, attendance at troop campouts, camporees, and summer camp to reach the goal of an outing per month.
  • Promote the National Camping Award.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.
  • Mentor the following youth leadership positions"
    • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader