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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

Health and Safety Coordinator

  • Obtain current health histories and/or current Class 2 or 3 Medical Forms as appropriate for each Scout.
  • Verify that each adult leader has the proper health and safety trainings required for each activity being conducted. Tracked training included:
    • First Aid (NI01)
    • Wilderness First Aid (NI02)
    • SA Safety Afloat (SA)
    • Climb On Safely (WS74)
    • Trek Safely (WS76)
    • Safe Swim Defence (SSD)
    • Weather Hazards (WS81)
  • Schedule First Aid and CPR training for adult leaders without current certification.
  • Develop and exercise unit discipline based on respect, understanding and leadership.
  • Maintain a troop first aid kit.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.