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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

Life to Eagle Quick Reference

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  1. Get the latest version of the required documents
    1. Eagle Scout Application -
    2. Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook -
  2. Find a project idea and complete the project plan
    1. Review plan with Advancement Chair,
    2. Get signature from Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and Beneficiary
    3. Call District Eagle Committee Chair to schedule a project review
  3. Complete Eagle Project
    1. Keep track of time and volunteers
    2. Take photos
    3. Complete project report
    4. Have beneficiary and Scoutmaster sign project report
  4. Complete Merit Badges
    1. Be aware of Merit Badges with time commitments
    2. Cross off the Merit Badges not earned on the application
  5. Request Internet Advancement Report from Advancement Chair
    1. Required to fill in dates on application
    2. Only use these dates, not Handbook or Scoutbook
  6. Provide reference contact information to Advancement Chair
  7. Request Scoutmaster Conference
  8. Complete Application
  9. Get application signed by Scoutmaster and Committee Chair
  10. Provide application packet to Advancement Chair
    1. Application
    2. Project Workbook
    3. Statement of ambitions
    4. Blue cards
    5. Handbook
    6. Other meaningful documents
  11. Advancement Chair will arrange the date and time of your Board of Review
  12. Complete Board of Review
  13. Advancement Chair will submit the signed application
  14. Wait until approval from National before scheduling a Court of Honor