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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

Advancement Guide

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Rank Requirements

  1. Review and understand the requirements for your next rank
  2. Work with scouts and adults to gain the skills required to complete the requirements
    1. You must do exactly what is stated in the requirements

                          i.     If it says “show or demonstrate,” that is what you must do. Just telling about it isn’t enough

                          ii.     The same thing holds true for such words as “make,” “list,” “in the field,” and “collect,” “identify,” and “label”

  1. Have your Scout Handbook signed and dated once you have completed the requirements
  2. Inform your patrol leader that you have completed the requirement so that the Patrol Advancement Notebook gets updated and passed over to the Troop Scribe

Requirement Sign offs

  • Scout through First Class
    • SPL, ASPL, PL, Instructor, Troop Guide, and JASM
    • Adult Leader
    • Parent (certain requirements)
  • Star through Eagle
    • Adult Leader

Service Hours

  • Track all Service Hours in your Scout Handbook
  • Have the requirement verified and signed off in your Handbook and Advancement Notebook
  • Inform the Troop Secretary of any Service Hours so that it can be tracked on the Council website

Scoutmaster Conference

  • Ensure that all the requirements have been signed off in your Scout Handbook
  • Request a Conference from the Troop Scribe

Board of Review

  • Complete your Scoutmaster Conference
  • Request a Board of Review from the Troop Scribe
  • The District Advancement Committee will conduct Eagle Board of Reviews

Court of Honor

  • Will be held four times a year
  • Rank patches will be awarded at next meeting, all other awards will be given at a Court of Honor

Advancement Tips

  • Your advancement is your responsibility. Stay on top of it!
  • We consider your Boy Scout Handbook as the official record of your advancement. Please make sure it is up to date and take care of it!
  • For other Scouting awards, contact the Advancement Chair for requirements and counselors