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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

We made it into the Scout Life magazine!!

On last year's skiing campout, we were asked by the authors of Scout Life (formerly called Boy's Life) to interview a few of our attending scouts on their skiing experience as well as provide some pictures. Owen, Trey, Patrick, and Lucas were the ones selected for the interview. After long last, the newest article of scout life has a 3 page skiing article - with us in it!

The article we were in is linked in the file below, check it out!!

Monster Mash 2022

We had a ton of fun at monster mash this year, the first time in a long time having it not rain. Having no cub scouts around, we just did things at camp for the most part to pass the time. This would mostly consist of chopping wood, playing capture the flag, building a giant flagpole, doing some requirements, and a whole lot of chatter. For the scare trail, we got into our costumes and ran the mansion and car on both nights.  Mr. Carmona now counts running the scare trial as service hours; So if you need service hours (First Class and below) this an easy and fun way to get 4+ service hours in one campout. Overall a very low-key and fun campout! We hope to see you guys at our next one. (More photos are in the gallery)

2023 Campout Voting

Vote the 10 campouts/events you would like our troop to do in 2023.

Lock In
84.2% (16 votes)
Beach Campout
57.9% (11 votes)
Movie Making Campout
52.6% (10 votes)
Winter Cabin Campout
52.6% (10 votes)
Wilderness Survival/survivor
52.6% (10 votes)
Cave Quest
47.4% (9 votes)
Skiing/Snowboarding Campout
47.4% (9 votes)
Zip Lining
47.4% (9 votes)
Klondike Derby
47.4% (9 votes)
Cedar Point
47.4% (9 votes)
Olympics/Sports Campout
42.1% (8 votes)
Archery Campout
36.8% (7 votes)
Vertical Adventures Lock In
31.6% (6 votes)
Hocking Hills Campout
31.6% (6 votes)
Lego Campout
26.3% (5 votes)
Ohio State Campout
26.3% (5 votes)
Youth Shoot
26.3% (5 votes)
Boating Campout
26.3% (5 votes)
Biking Campout
26.3% (5 votes)
Mountain Climbing Campout
21.1% (4 votes)
Scuba Diving
21.1% (4 votes)
Zoo Campout
15.8% (3 votes)
Horseback Campout
15.8% (3 votes)
Fishing Campout
15.8% (3 votes)
Stem Campout/Battle Bots
15.8% (3 votes)
New River Gorge Campout
10.5% (2 votes)
Game Design Campout
10.5% (2 votes)
Astronomy Campout
5.3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 19

High Adventure Base 2024

Select your top 2 high adventure bases that you would like to attend in 2024. If only one interests you, then only vote for that one.

44.4% (8 votes)
Northern Tier
38.9% (7 votes)
Sea Base
27.8% (5 votes)
Cole Canoe Base
22.2% (4 votes)
Mohab Base (rafting)
22.2% (4 votes)
I am not interested in high adventure 2024
16.7% (3 votes)
Summit Bechtel
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 18

Genoa Farms Food Drive Day 2

Thu. 10/13/22 05:30pm to 06:30pm

Food Drive for Ben Yasnowski's Eagle project. Start time has been moved to 5:30pm. We will meet at the Northside Fellowship Church. Pickup however, will be at the Journey Fellowship Church (70N Walnut) in Galena. We will be picking up bags of food at houses in the Genoa Farms neighborhood and dropping them off at that church. Sign up if you're available.


Genoa Fishing Day

Sat. 09/17/22 08:30am to 12:00pm
Hilmar Park

This is a service opportunity in which we will help young kids with fishing. This event will be held at Hilmar Park. Our goal as a troop is to send around 12 volunteers. Click the title to sign up.