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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.


  • Determine the number of scouts for which you are cooking. This should be the number of confirmed scouts attending in your patrol plus any guests assigned to your patrol by the SPL.
  • Create a Meal Plan for 4 balanced meals and a cracker barrel (snack) for the campout using the myplate guidelines on page 294 of the 13th Edition Boy Scout Handbook or mypyramid guide on page 320 of the 12th Edition Boy Scout Handbook. The Myplate guidelines are the current guidelines taught for cooking Merit Badge and rank advancement. Use the Troop 84 Patrol Meal Planner form to create your meal plan. Recommended reading for the grubmasters is pages 288-325 in the 13th Edition Boy Scout Handbook or pages 312-343 in the 12th Edition Boy Scout Handbook.
    • Friday Night - cracker barrel: Snack like cheese and crackers or celery and peanut butter.
    • Saturday - Breakfast: Should be a normal hot meal.
    • Saturday - Lunch: Can be lunch meat or PB&J and could be a sack lunch depending on the activities planned.
    • Saturday  - Dinner: Hot meal
    • Sunday - Breakfast: Usually a cold meal, donuts/bagels/muffins to facilitate quick prep and clean-up for camp departure.
  • Create Shopping List and Budget (Budget is $2.50/person/meal or $10/person for 4 meals) DO NOT INCLUDE ADULTS. Adults plan/prepare/provide their own meals.
  • Get approval for your meal plan from the ASPL and SM/ASM.
  • Check with quartermaster for any special equipment needed; dutch ovens, etc.
  • Purchase all food; All funds within budget will be reimbursed by the troop with proper receipts submitted.
  • Safely transport and store all food to and during the campout. Make appropriate plans to replenish ice.
  • Check water availability at campsite, keep water containers full at campsite and transport and store any water brought in.
  • Checkout all cooking gear and utensils from Quartermaster.
  • With assistance, prepare and serve the planned 4 meals and cracker barrel at the campout.
  • Supervise the clean up of cooking gear and utensils after each meal. Return cooking gear and utensils clean to quartermaster at the end of the campout.
  • Safely transport and store any leftovers back from the campout and arrange for either long term storage or for someone to take the unused food.

You can read this article for menu ideas.