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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

Each patrol will compete over the next 6 months to see who can collect the most points. Patrol points are awarded by the senior patrol leader, his assistants, and adult leaders for things like winning patrol competitions, achieving a rank, earning a merit badge, camping nights, service hours, hiking miles, scout spirit and others.

5. 20pts for Tomahawks for Klondike Competetion 1/16

4. 20pts for MLG Water Buckets Klondike Competetion 1/16

3. 35pts for Tomahawks for klondike kahoot 1/2

2. 35pts for Rubber Duckies for Kahoot 12/17

1. 35pts for MLG Water Buckets for Jeopardy 11/7

141 points for Tomahawk service hours (last updated: Genoa Trail Maintenance)

69 points for MLG service hours

97.5 points for Rubber Duckie service hours

48 points for Tomahawk camping nights (Backpacking Campout)

12 points for MLG camping nights

54 points for Rubber Duckies camping nights

75 points for Tomahawk hiking miles (Backpacking Campout)

23 points for Water Buckets hiking miles

39 points for Rubber Duckie hiking miles

76 points for Tomahawk meeting attendence (Jan 16) 

66 points for MLG Buckets meeting attendence 

68 points for Ninja Rubber Duckies meeting attendence

Ways to score:

15-40pts per patrol competition

2pts per scout per meeting attendance

3pts per camping night

3pts per service hour

1pt per hiking mile, canoeing mile, frost point

5pts per merit badge +3pts if eagle required

12pts for earning scout rank

18pts for earning tenderfoot

22pts for earning second class

25pts for earning first class or higher

__pts for scout spirit, cleanest campsite, ect.

Tomahawk Patrol
45% (430 votes)
MLG Water Bucket Patrol
24% (225 votes)
Ninja Rubber Duckie Patrol
31% (293 votes)
Total votes: 948