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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

Summer Camp Parent's Info

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  • Troop 84 Parents,
    Here are a few tips to help you and your scout get the most out of Summer Camp this year!
    Please review the following documents:
    Medical Forms
    No scout will be able to leave the church parking lot with out a completed Medical Form. Parts A, B, and C must be turned in along with a copy of a current insurance card. Here is the current Medical Form: 
    All medications must be handed over to the adults upon check-in at camp. The troop will have a lock-box to store all medications and an adult will help the scouts to ensure they get and scheduled or as-needed medications. Even over the counter medication should be turned in and no scout should be giving medications to any other scout.
    The will be stressed to the scouts the entire week. Each scout is required to carry a water bottle and use it. Water stations are located in our camp site and at each of the program areas. Dehydration is a quick way to ruin your day and is easily preventable.
    Part of the Scout Law states that a scout is Clean. It is expected that each scout will shower regularly and wear clean clothing. The adults will provide reminders when needed. Spending time in the pool or out in the rain do not count.
    The camp provides plenty of nutritious food at each meal. Picky eaters are encouraged to try the food provided and to eat what they take. If there are special dietary needs, they must be listed on the medical form and special arrangements made with the dinning hall through the troop leadership. Accommodations will be made for allergies and dietary restrictions (Vegan, Vegetarian, etc.). Scouts can bring snacks to enjoy during camp, but they should not bring their own meal replacements. We will setup a "bear bag" in our camp site to keep the wildlife from making off with the snacks.
    We will be travelling to camp in our Field Uniforms (Class A). One of the first activities we will participate in at camp will be a swim check, so scouts are encouraged to wear swim trunks to make the process go quicker. Field Uniforms will be worn during morning and evening flags and a Scout Activity Uniform (Class B, a scout t-shirt) should be worn during the rest of camp. Don't worry if you don't have enough scout t-shirts. We are planning on wearing our new Troop 84 T-shirts (the orange ones) as a group on Monday.
    Parent's Night
    Parent's Night is held on the Wednesday of camp. It is encouraged that you attend, but it is not required. You can bring food for you and your scout to eat in our camp site or pre-purchase a meal ticket and eat with your scout in the dining hall. Tickets are $6. Please plan on arriving around 5:30PM as the flag ceremony is at 5:45PM and dinner is served at 6PM.
    Every scout will suffer from homesickness at some point during the week. The adults will work with the scout to ensure that they are have a good time at camp even though they miss their family. Seeing family at Parent's night helps. If you are unable to make it to Parent's night, please let an adult know so that they can keep an eye on your scout.
    Electronic Devices
    Cell phones are not prohibited, but are strongly discouraged. If your scout needs to get in contact with someone, the adults will be able to assist them. Texting mom might seem like a good way to combat homesickness, but it ends up making it harder on the scout in the end. All other electronic devices are prohibited.
    High Adventure
    As you will see in the camp program guide, some high adventure activities are offered. Please check the age and rank requirements to make sure your scout is qualified to participate in an activity. Please make sure you fill out the following waiver and give it to an adult at registration.
    A gear list is provided in the camp guide. No fancy or expensive gear is required. The basics are a sleeping bag, toiletry kit, towel, shower shoes, swim suit, uniform, day pack, notebook and pens, water bottle, rain gear, sturdy shoes, camp chair, sun screen, and bug spray.
    The camp offers a Trading Post. Camp gear, candy, and drinks are available. $20 is a good starting point for the week. If your scout is planning on doing archery, shotgun, shooting, or some other advanced activities additional fund may be required.
    First Year Campers
    The first year at camp is an exciting time to every scout. First Year Campers will participate in the Brown Sea program at camp. This will help them with their first four ranks and a merit badge. On Thursday, they will go on a five mile hike and also spend the night under the stars as part of an "outpost" adventure. A day pack will help them carry the little gear they will need for that evening.
    Merit Badges
    The scouts have a wonderful array of merit badge options. It is encouraged that each scout come up with a plan for what they want to work on during their week at camp. Please check the prerequisite list to see if there is any work they can get done before arriving at camp. On Sunday, each scout will meet with an adult to review their plan and get the merit badge blue cards that they need. They will need to fill out these cards and have them signed by another adult in the troop. This helps them to become familiar with the adults and adds to accountability. Any merit badges that are not finished at camp will be issued a "partial" merit badge card and the scout can finish the work after camp with a different counselor.
    Order of the Arrow
    All Order of the Arrow members should bring their sash to camp
    Venturing Scouts
    All members of the Venturing Crew should bring their uniforms to camp.