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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

Life to Eagle Guide

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Eagle Scout Rank Application

  • Must use the latest version -
  • Using the fillable PDF version is preferred. Saving it allows for editing later.
  • Use pen if completed by hand
  • Get started early filling it out
  • Requirement #1 – Be active for six months after achieving Life Rank
    • Must be a registered Scout. Under 18 in Troop, over 18 in Crew.
  • Requirement #2 – Demonstrate Scout Oath and Law. Provide names and addresses for letters of recommendation.
    • Email the contact information to the Advancement Chair as soon as possible
    • Advancement Chair will collect letters
  • Requirement #3 – Earn 21 merit badges
    • 13 are required, 8 others are elective
    • Cross out the merit badges not earned where you have an option
    • Upon request, the Advancement Chair will provide you an advancement report will the correct dates
  • Requirement #4 – Serve in a position of responsibility for six months after Life Board of Review
    • Must be six complete months
    • Must be a valid position
  • Requirement #5 – Plan, develop, and give leadership in a service project
    • Must use Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook -
    • Must benefit a group other than the Boy Scouts
    • Must be approved by Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Beneficiary
    • Once approved, call District Eagle Committee Chair for review
    • Cannot begin work or fundraising until all approvals have been received
    • High level information, fine details aren’t too critical
    • Photos before and after help
    • Contact District contact with planned dates so they can visit
    • Think about tools, permits, and safety
    • Fundraising form and options
    • Track hours and volunteers
    • Final Approval of Beneficiary
  • Requirement #6 – Take part in a Scoutmaster conference
    • Prepare a statement of your ambitions and life purpose and a listing of other positions, honors, and awards
    • Certification by Application – Scout must sign
    • Unit approval – Scoutmaster and Committee Chair must sign
    • Certification by Application – Scout must sign
    • BSA Local Council Verification – This will be handled after the Board ofReview
  • Requirement #7 – Eagle Scout Board of Review
    • Once the rest of the application is complete, give it, your project workbook, your personal statement, and any other documentation to the Advancement Chair. A binder is nice for this.
    • Advancement Chair will contact the District Eagle Committee Chair to schedule your Eagle Scout Board of Review

Important Dates

  • Eagle Scout Board of Reviews and Eagle Scout Project Approvals are held on the Second Tuesday of each month.
  • Board of Reviews must be requested by the 20th of the month for the next month
  • Plan Reviews must be requested by the 24th of the month for the next month
  • Requirements 1 through 6 must be completed before the scouts 18th birthday
  • Requirement 7 should be completed within three months of the scouts 18th birthday


  • Must have six letters of recommendation
  • No help from parents
  • No outside volunteers
  • Must be completed in 30 days
  • Must be the last requirement
  • Must have so much detail that any other scout can complete it
  • Must be 16
  • Must have X numbers of hours

Other Tips

  • Advancement Chair will turn in completed application to Council. Takes about 4 weeks.
  • Do not plan an Eagle Court of Honor until approval is received from Council
  • Parents and Troop leaders are invited to the Board of Review to introduce the Scout
  • Key to the project is to show leadership
  • Projects that are based on regular maintenance will not be approved

Court of Honor

  • Special ceremony
  • Completely up to you and your family
  • Many options and scripts available on the internet
  • Eagle Scout Charge or Challenge
  • Troop will provide Eagle Kit, Neckerchief, and Slide
  • Mentor Pin