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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

About Troop 84

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Troop 84 is a small collection of about 30 very friendly scouts founded in 1999. Although in the past the troop was made up of mostly home schooled scouts, recent recruiting trends have been primarily from Westerville and Olentangy school districts. We are a relatively young troop on the average age scale, again due largely to recent growth in recruiting but we still have a good group of older scouts.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When and where does Troop 84 meet?

Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday excluding certain holidays. 6:30pm to 8:30pm Northside Fellowship Presbyterian Church. 6841 Freeman Rd. Westerville, Ohio 43082

What activities does Troop 84 participate in?

Bi weekly meetings, 8 - 10 camping trips, per year, Summer Camp, 1 cabin camping trip, 2 lock-ins, museum trips, service projects. For more info, have a look at our Calendar.

What kind of gear does a scout in Troop 84 need?

Generally, each scout should have his own sleeping bag, back pack, mess kit, and 10 essentials. Many times these items can be borrowed so if you are just starting out, don't worry. Tents are not necessary, but are nice to have. Scouts in troop 84 bring their own tents, but share with other scouts. A normal ratio is 2 scouts per tent, often times more. For more information on gear including the 10 essentials, have a look at this article on our website

Who leads Troop 84?

Troop 84 is completely youth led. The scouts decide on the activities and what advancement they are going to work on with encouragement from the adult leaders.

What Youth Leadership Positions are available in Troop 84?

In every scout troop there is a Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) who are not part of regular patrols. Troop 84 has 3 patrols each with a Patrol Leader (PL), Assist. Patrol Leader (APL), and Quartermaster (QM). Other troop positions are filled with scouts from the patrols. Our troop consistently fills the Scribe, Historian, Librarian, and OA Representative. Scouts are elected to each position every six months for terms that begin in April and October. A description of these and other Scout Positions can be found on our web site.

Do I need a uniform?

A uniform is not required but it does foster a good sense of belonging and accomplishment as the scouts earn ranks and other awards through their scouting career. We encourage all scouts to wear the uniform.

How do Troop 84 scouts earn merit badges?

Our scouts earn merit badges in a variety of ways. Simon Kenton Council sponsors a Merit Badge Super Saturday every quarter to which we occasionally organize a trip for our scouts. Sometimes the scouts choose to go on their own or with their parents. If there is a particular merit badge in which a scout is interested we will either bring in a counselor to a meeting or the interested scout leads the others through the Merit Badge work in a meeting and then a councilor is sought out to approve the work. Other Merit Badges require more self directed work and can only be completed on one’s own, however every merit badge is approved by a counselor that is not necessarily part of the troop. 

How far does Troop 84 travel for its campouts?

Troop 84 has not traveled out of the country and we go out of state about once a year. A few Scouts and Adult Leaders will be attending the 2017 Jamboree as part of the council contingent. We will be recruiting others to go to Jamoree both within and outside of our troop. We will also put together a Philmont or Norther Tear trip together in the next couple of years.

What does Troop 84 do for summer camp?

For the last several years Troop 84 has attended Camp Falling Rock for Summer Camp. This is a Council sponsored week long resident camp near Newark, OH where scouts concentrate on scout skills, merit badges, and the patrol method. This is highly recommended for every scout but even more so for newer scouts.

What kind of Adult Leadership does Troop 84 have?

The Troop 84 comittee currently has a dedicated Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, Advancement Coordinator, Outdoor/Activities Chair, and Treasurer. Other parents within the troop also volunteer their time as Merit Badge Councilors and other positions on an as needed basis. We welcome all involvement a parent wishes to have with our program from just coming along as one of the required two deep leaders on a campout to any of the committee positions listed on our website.

How many Eagle Scouts does Troop 84 have?

Currently, two Eagle Scouts have reach the age of 18 and are no longer youth members of the troop. They have however registered as adult leaders in the troop and are also youth members of the newly created Venturing unit, Crew 84. There are two more Life Scouts currently in the middle of their Eagle Projects and two more older scouts about to begin their Eagle Projects