Brian King has been appointed the Troop Health and Safety Officer

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Brian has rejoined the Troop Committee and will serve in the new position of Health and Safety Officer. He will be responsible that the Troop is aware of and follows BSA's Health and Safety Guide in all our events and travel.  Among many other things, he will be collecting all Troop members Health forms, updating the Unit first aid kit, providing opportunities for Scouts and Leaders to gain their Red Cross CPR and First Aid certifications.

Event Registration

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It is sometimes difficult to balance the desire to increase participation at any cost, with lessons on accountability and respect for another persons time and effort.  With that in mind, the Troop Committee has made some changes that may affect you, when registering for events.

1.  Event registrations will close 10 days prior to the event. If you miss the registration deadline, you will need to contact the Activities Coordinator to register.

2.  If the event will require food purchases or transportation, there will be an additional $5 fee for late registrations.

Adult Training Opportunities

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Scouts are regularly engaging in training and education to earn merit badges and to solidify their leadership skills.  Training for adult leaders is just as important!  Not only for safety and compliance, but to also learn more about the scouting program, gain a deep understanding of the mission, and to hone leadership skills. Here are several opportunities scout leaders and committee members may find interesting and helpful:



Troop 84 Goes Swimming

On Dec 17 we went to the Westerville Rec Center and went to the pool some of the younger scouts learned how to save people in the water we did races, went down water slides and played hide and go seek in the whole pool I think everyone had a great time hopefully we keep doing this every year!

Troop and Crew 84 Goes to EnterTRAINment Junction!

On Dec 10th we went to EnterTRAINment Junction in Cincinnati. There was a patrol compettion which ever patrol found the most objects in there scavenger hunt won! they also had a fun house area where you could go through a mirrior maze or a black hole the owner let us go behind the scenes well actually in the scences! we got to got into the coney island area and see all the electronics and how everything worked at the end I think everyone had a great time.

Wuebker & Lynch Accept Formal Committee Positions

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Julie Wuebker and Katie Lynch have both accepted formal committee positions with Troop/Crew 84. Mrs. Wuebker will be taking on the Training Coordinator position and will be conducting a training audit in the very new future. She will inform leaders of expired training with an emphasis on Youth Protection Training. Mrs. Lynch will serve as Committee Secretary and will begin her duties at the September Committee Meeting. You can follow the preceding links to see the duties for each position.

Honors All Around

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You don't want to miss the annual family cook-off and Court of honor this coming Sunday at 4pm at the King Household. This is a premier event where the scouts do all the cooking to show appreciation for their parents supporting them in their scouting endeavors You don't want to miss the annual family cook-off and Court of honor this coming Sunday at 4pm at the King Household. This is a premier event where the scouts do all the cooking to show appreciation for thier parents supporting them in their scouting endeavors. We will also hold our quarterly Court of Honor where all the scouts receive the rank and merit badge patches they have earned over the summer, and there are a LOT! If you haven't signed up already, please do so right now!

While you are signing up, be sure to also sign up for Mitch's and Matthew's Eagle Court of Honor the following Sunday, 9/4 5pm at the Northside Fellowship. This is a great celebration of extraordinary achievement and inspiration to younger scouts to keep driving for the pinnacle of scouting. Come and take part in congratulating Mitch and Matthew on all of their hard work.


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