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2018-2 Court of Honor

Troop 84 spent their Friday evening at the Court of Honor with Jayden Duckworth as our MC, in which 8 merit badges and 1 rank was awarded. We also had a presentation by Mrs. Snow, a representative of Friends of Scouting, who taught us about the 1% differences that could turn a Scouts life around. We then proceeded to the award ceremony and witnessed our Scouts making progress in their advancement adventure. In the end, we hung out, ate cookies and bananna bread.

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Cave Quest was a Success

On February 10, 2018, 13 brave scouts and 2 daring Fossils braved a 250 mile trip westward. After a brief stop at Wright Patt AFB Museum, we journeyed to BlueSpring Caverns in Bedford, Indiana. We experienced a flat bottom boat tour of the underground river, "saw" complete darkness, white cave fish and crawfish, bats, loads of frogs. After a short training video and do's and dont's we "wild caved" and tried not to get stuck in the cracks in the cave. It paid to be tiny for once! We "slept" on bunkbeds, if you call that sleeping, had breakfast underground and survived.

Ten-Mile Hike Campout!

The 10-mile hike campout is approaching very quickly! We will be going up to Camp Butler Scout Reservation and TENT CAMPING on the weekend of March 2-4. The flyer I have attached has all of the information you guys need for the campout & more! I hope you guys get the chance to come and enjoy hiking at the ONLY NATL. PARK IN OHIO!!!

2018-19 Winter Cabin Campout

Troop 84 had a blast at the Winter Cabin Campout for 2018. We slept though the first night, minus 1 hour due to Firewatch. We then headed down Cardiac to Lake Peewee and cleaned up piles of exess sticks and logs. The cooks had made lunch by the time we got back, and it was delicious! After cleanup, the troop entertained themselves with a couple rounds of Bop It, ending with Aaron becoming three-time champion. We then did a knot tying competition, which was benificial to scouts under first class.

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Aviation Merit Badge Opportunity


Anyone want to jump into the pilot seat of a jet?

On Saturday, January 27th at 0830am, you can take a field trip with us down to Netjets Aviation at John Glenn Airport (Port Columbus).  There, we will discuss the requirements for the Aviation Merit Badge, take a tour of the Netjets facility, and (most importantly) go out into the hangar to see a jet up close and allow you to climb inside and sit up front.  (Sorry, no flights today)

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Troop 84 Court of honor

On December 1 the troop held one of many court of honors.  Scouts earned an assortment of awards for Eclipse patches to NOVA awards rank advancements and merit badges.  This was a Christmas party and had a theme of scouting heritage.  Larry Buttermore (founder of Troop 84)  brought some very old scouting memorabilia.  Also in attendance was Tony Vannelle our unit commissioner.  It was exciting to see scouts bring memories of there scouting experiences.  This event was one of the troops most fun events and definitely should

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Movie Making Campout Act II

Last weekend, Troop 84 took part in our second movie making campout.  Last years movies were hard to beat, but we all had a blast making some fun and interesting movies.  Also, before the event started, the scouts earned an hour of service helping clean up after the open house for the preschool (plus free food). Saturday, we came up with ideas, recorded, and edited our movies all in one day.