Troop 84 gets New Logo!

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Description: Macintosh HD:Users:mwuebker:Dropbox:Documents:Boy Scouts:Logos:Troop84FinalLogo_Navy.pngAudra Jergens, a graphic artist at Chase and mother to our ASPL, Mitch Jergens has put her talents to work for Troop 84. Over the last several month’s she has developed a brand spanking new logo for the troop that works well in both black and white and color. Working with the PLC from last term and this term, many items were included in the design that call back to elements of the first class badge that have significant meaning to scouts. First is the fleur-de-lis, the international symbol of scouting movement throughout the world. Next is the eagle for scouting’s highest achievement followed by the two guiding stars of truth and knowledge. Duty to God, Country and Self are also important to the scouts, as is the Scout Motto: Be prepared. The motto is shown on the turned up ribbon to remind scouts to smile as they do their daily duties. Soon we will be putting together a T-Shirt Order for class B uniforms and I’m sure you’ll see the logo appear many other places, like the web site!

Biking Campout

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Photo taken on the trail

On October 23rd, 2015, a few scouts from Troop 84 took their bikes down to Caesar Creek State park for a two night campout. On the next day the 4 scouts who attended drove over to the Little Miami Scenic trail, where we biked about 11 miles south, and 11 miles back north.

Youth Shoot

     On September 11-13, 2015 Daniel, Sam, Sam, Abe, Aiden, Alex, Christan, Aaron, Liam, Tyler, Corey, and Brandon went to a camp to shoot guns. On the way there our very own Alex made a new award, the doughnut carrying chip, which allows you to carry a box of doughnuts at camping trips. When we got there we had a safety talk. then we had lunch. After lunch we shot some guns. Before bed we played a game of Mafia in one of the giant tents, with some people crazyer then others.We got some merit badges and some awards and all had a great time.

Summer Camp 2015

  On June 14, 2015 Troop 84 went to summer camp. Daniel, Abe, Christian, Mitch, Max, Luke, Sam, Sam, Aiden, Aaron, Liam, Brandon, Corey, Jaden, Mathew, and finally Mr. Nettles went on this journey. We sang songs, earned 84 merit badges, and made memories. We had campfires, played card games, and had fun.  We developed our hammock skill.  And even though it rained every day, our spirits could not be dampened.


On April 17, 2015 troop 84 went to Cuyahoga Valley with some guests. We set up camp and went to sleep. The next day Daniel, Christian, Sam, Thomas, Brandon, Ethan, Sam, and Abe went on a 20 mile hike. We had a welcoming from the Sun, but a light sprinkle would have helped. During the hike we saw a trillion turtles, four garter snakes, and geese. Everyone finished the long hard hike. When the troop got back they made dinner and had a hard earned sleep. We all left tired but proud and happy.


Wildcat Hollow Campout

This spring, March 13 thru March 15, we went on a backpacking trip at Wildcat Hollow. During the beginning of the hike meant to have fun and earn ranks we had to stop because the trail was blocked by a river that formed overnight. We all had to stay at base camp, but we were determined to cross the rapids. Using the logs we could find, the dead trees we could kick over and the knowledge we had of lashing we made a bridge. After lunch, we put our bridge into action! We crossed the river, and some of us fell in. At the end of the day we had a fire to warm us, high spirits, and muddy feet.

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

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For our area and the type of camping that Troop 84 does, I would recommend a bag rated somewhere between 0 and 15 degrees for camping year round and 30 degress if you only plan to camp in the warmer months. I also suggest a mummy type and definitely made from synthetic material. Cotton sleeping bags stay wet longer, and they will get wet! The faster they dry out, the sooner you can get warm. Synthetics are ususally lighter too.

Here's some more great info from is LIVE!

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Hello Scouts and Parents!

It's official, is up and running! Current features include a full calendar of events including event registration, messaging functions, special notifications, and the newsletter. We will also post useful articles, wiki's and pages related to our events, scouting, our council, and our troop in general. Check out our first article How to Buy a Backpack.

Future features will include achievement tracking, a photo gallery, a file repository and more!

If you were a user on the previous website (, you already have a user on this site. If you haven't logged into yet, just email the scoutmaster to gain access to your new account on is the place to go for all your Troop 84 information!

How to Buy a Backpack

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Here is some advice from my favorite online Scoutmaster, Clarke Green:

The most important thing about a Scout’s backpack is a proper fit. The second most important consideration is whether it will fit them next year, let alone three years from now. A top-of-the-line $400.00 backpack that doesn’t fit properly or grow along with a Scout is not only a waste of money, it’s going to be so uncomfortable a Scout will think twice before he goes camping or backpacking again.

Here is a link to the full article he wrote and be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page!


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