Youth Shoot

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The scouts had a great time at the Youth Shoot held at Dillon Sportsman Center. They had the opportunity to participate in a half-day safety course (if they hadn't already attended), earn many of the requirements for the Shotgun, Rifle, and Archery merit badges, and shoot skeet, trap, rifles, and if over 14, pistols. Each area had multiple instructors and coaches that worked with the scouts to improve their attention to safety, skill, and technique.  This instruction and coaching helped them to not only advance but to earn NRA rockers to further demonstrate their learned skills.

Each scout that attended, advanced their merit badges and/or earned rockers.  That's a great accomplishment!  They also had the honor of serving as color guard for the event. Reid even had the opportunity to participate in the Cowboy shoot and won best overall.  Our scouts really shined at this event.

Temperature for Dutch Ovens

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At our planning meeting for the cook-off, I got lots of questions about how to heat a dutch oven to 350 degrees?  This is a great question!  The answer can vary based on these conditions:

  • Air Temperature - is it cold or hot outside?
  • Size of the dutch oven - 12 inch? 10 inch? Deep or shallow?

This website has a chart with information on how many coals are needed:


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