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Movie Making III

Fri. 01/17/20 06:30pm to Sun. 01/19/20 10:00am
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Short Term Camp Out
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Hey you!

Yes, you! Do you like movies? Do you like cameras? Do you like to yell Lights, Camera, Action!? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then sign up for the Movie Making III Campout. 

In this campout, we will be using our amazing acting and filming skills to create our very own movies! So if you and your friends want to make a hilarious comedy or an amazing action movie or Ect.,  come sign up for the Movie Making III Campout and you will be glad you did!

If you'd like to download some editing software and get familiar with what you are able to do for this campout here are some of my top 3 recommendations that are Free. (Note that most of these have a free version and paid version so make sure you are getting the right version you want):

1. Hitfilm Express (I tend to use this a lot) -

2. Olive (I have never used this one personally but it looks fantastic!) -

3. DaVinci Resolve (I haven't used but looks terrific!) -

Remember that these programs will take some playing around with to get to know their functions. You can also lookup some videos online that will teach you how to use certain programs. If you also would like to download some overlays/effects make sure to do so beforehand as download times may take hours depending on several things.

Meet at the church at 6:30 on Friday, January 17th and make sure to bring your cameras, editing laptops, and thinking caps!