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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefor advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

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Virtual Campout

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Dear Scouts, Scouters, and Crews,


Coming up is the two year pre-anniversary for Thunderbase 2022! To help advertise, we will have a Virtual Campout! (Thanks to Covid-19.)


We need your help to advertise and to help make the ‘commercial.’ Camp in your backyard, set up your tents, your firepits, your dutch ovens, and take a picture of yourself doing a scout skill! 


Attached is a script for you if YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO MORE! Record yourself as you read the script, walk around your site, show it off, add personality to your reading. Be creative! Get your family involved!  Try to stay as well on script as possible to make it easier for the editing crew to work with your submission. The script is attached to this article!


If you choose to help, send pictures/videos to Nancy Peto at

Submissions are due to Ms Peto by Saturday April 25, 2020.


Remember when you send an email/picture/video to Ms Peto, you need to CC your parent/guardian for Youth Protection. Include your full name, rank, age and Troop/Crew #.


Everything and anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated! 


Thank you so much! Remember to be in FULL FIELD UNIFORM when you take your picture or do your video. 


Stay happy and healthy! 


Yours in Scouting,


Reid Miller