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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

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2022 Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser

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Pumpkin with BSA logo

It's time for the Pumpkin Patch fundraiser in uptown Westerville!
This is the 20th year
of this fabulous Westerville tradition.

In this article you will find details about this fundraiser: dates, location and how to sign up.

Important dates and details

Sign ups go live: Wednesday, September 14 at 8:00 PM

Fundraiser start: Today, 8/27!

In-person sale start: Saturday, September 10th.

Location: Blendon Masonic Lodge next to the library, 130 S State St, Westerville, OH 43081

Attached is the PDF with a Permission Slip and guidelines.

Mrs. and Mr. Woodruff, we are the Pumpkin Patch coordinators.


  • Wednesday, September 14 8pm - Shift signups will begin. This will be a three round process with full details below.
    Note that adults should be completing the signup genius for their scout(s).
  • Friday, September 23 9am - Pallet setup in front of the Masonic lodge. Obviously scouts will be in school at this time. Any adult help that we can get for the pallet setup will be appreciated (and will be applied to your scout's patch hours)
  • Sunday, September 25 - Patch Setup 9am - Requires lifting of pallets and working with large garage tents. This will depend on how much setup is accomplished on Friday. 6-8 scout/parent pairs are needed. The slots require BOTH a physically capable Scout AND a capable adult to help with the required work.
  • Sunday, September 25 - ALL HANDS ON DECK for pumpkin unload. The delivery is scheduled for 1pm, please arrive by 12:45pm. If you know there is absolutely no way you can attend, we need to know ASAP. Otherwise, all are expected. Please note that there may be a need for flexibility with that date/time in case the delivery is delayed. We will need all the hands we can get to accomplish this task. Adults, as well as siblings/friends of age 10yrs+ are encouraged to assist and the affiliated Scout will receive credit for those hours. There will be a sign-in/out sheet for all to use. Permission slips required for Scouts to work the patch will be available.
  • Sales will run through October 31st or until we are sold out, whichever comes first.
  • Saturday, November 6 (tentative) - Tear down - Requires lifting of pallets and working with large garage tents. The slots require BOTH a physically capable Scout AND a capable adult to help with the required work. In recent years, we have been able to complete teardowns incrementally during sales shifts in the last week of October. A large teardown effort may not be necessary.



    Patch hours will cover

  • M-F 5-7PM
  • Sat 11AM-7PM
  • Sun Noon-6PM

There are 2- and 3-hour shifts:

  • Mon 5-7PM, Tue 5-7PM, Wed 5-7PM, Thu 5-7PM, Fri 5-7PM,
  • Sat 11AM-1PM, Sat 1PM-4PM, Sat 4PM-7PM,
  • Sun Noon - 3PM, Sun 3PM-6PM   

The patch will continue to prefer card transactions using the square reader; we will have some cash on hand, but will not run a cash register
    We will have separate sign ups this year: one for the sales shifts, one for the setup and unload.


 Selling Tips

Show your enthusiasm!
Be helpful - be it fetching a wagon or carrying pumpkin.

Stay safe! Never give strangers your personal information, such as full name and address.
Never enter another persons car or trailer.

Unloading Pumkins

Show up for unload at 12:45pm on Sunday September 25th. All need to use the sign-in/sign-out sheet. Bring water to drink, work gloves, and a wagon/cart (like radio flyers) or a wheelbarrow - 4-wheel wagons are more stable for young hands to control and not tip. For those working in the truck to pass pumpkins out, masks are suggested to avoid breathing in all the dust. We will also suggest all workers wear work gloves when handling the pumpkins. The troop will have hand sanitizing stations setup around the patch to allow sanitizing hands during breaks.

There will be required scout permission slips to sign at the unload. These slips will also be available online and at every Monday meeting leading up to the unload. This signed permission slip is needed for scouts to participate in the patch. In addition, the permission slip is attached to this email.

Sales Shift Details

An adult parent or guardian needs to be with each scout at all times. Adults are the only ones that can handle financial transactions.

There will be a sign-in/sign-out sheet at the patch at all times. It is imperative that all scouts and family members use this in order to get credit for hours worked at the patch.

Signing up (on Signup Genius) for shifts will begin at 8pm on Wednesday Sept 14th. This will happen in three different rounds in an attempt for all to have an opportunity to find the best shift times that fit their schedule.

    9/14 8pm - please begin signing up for no more than 3 shifts.
    9/18 8pm - sign up for 3 more shifts,
    9/21 8pm- free for all on any remaining open shifts

Please be considerate of other people and of the coordinators. If it says sign up for only 3 shifts, and you sign up for more, we will be contacting you to discuss removing your name from shifts. We really don't want to do that. Please make sure parents/guardians communicate with each other and with their scout so there's no duplication of signups. Thank you in advance!

If you need to change your shift after signing up, contact Mrs/Mr. Woodruff. The patch is only successful if it is properly staffed. As much notice as possible should be given if you are absolutely unable to make your shift. Again, thank you in advance.

Adult Volunteer opportunities - email Mr. Woodruff asap if interested!

    Administration Team - An adult or two willing to assist in keeping an eye on shift sign ups and helping find shift fillers if needed. Make reminder calls/texts.
    Marketing! – Like last year, we would like to put a larger focus on getting the word out to the community about supporting our Troop via social media, nextdoor neighbor, etc. If this is an area you excel in or you have any ideas about, please let Mrs. Woodruff know!
    Finance Team - a few adults willing to collect the cash box at the end of sales shifts and/or drop off the cash box to the Troop 560 trailer prior to sales shifts starting

The link for the Signup Genius will be sent out prior to 8PM 9/14. Reminder that signups at that link will only be considered after 8PM 9/14. Please do not try to sign up for shifts before the opening at 8PM 9/14. The Signup Genius Master will remove your shift selection and remind you to wait until 8PM 9/14.




Scout with the highest number of hours contributed to this fundraiser will recieve a pumpkin carving kit!


* Scout's Camping Account Disclaimer

Note that a scout's "Camping Account" is not really a separate bank account. It is a term used for money earmarked in the troop's budget to help a scout pay troop fees for camping and membership. It cannot be paid out and has no cash value.
Use of this money is limited to purposes approved by the troop committee. Currently approved expenses are: membership dues, camping fees for events organized and/or registered by the troop c

By participating in troop's fundraisers, scouts can accumulate Camping Account resources for as long as they want - until the target event becomes a reality or they age out at 18. In the event scout leaves Troop 84, the remaining Camping Account balance goes back to the troop's general fund to help other scouts (it is not transferrable).