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2020 Popcorn - Online store for each scout

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Popcorn by mail

The new school year coincides with the biggest fundraiser for our Troop. This year the Popcorn fundraiser is completely different from last year - with support for social distancing measures.

In this article you will find details about this 2020 popcorn fundraiser: dates, online store, how to set goals and reach them.

Important dates

 Saturday, September 12th - fundraiser begins

 Friday, October 30th - end of the fundraiser

New this year

Online orders (with free shipping)! An online seller ID was set up for every scout.

You can print personalized flyers to direct friends and family to the online store.

There will be NO physical order forms to collect, checks to deposit and tins to deliver.

There are more camping-related prizes - see the attachments below.

There is a flat and simple 20% rate for earning money towards your Camping Account* - no exclusions!

New prizes for super-sellers ($2,500 and $5,000 level).

Online Store

 This year popcorn is being sold via an online store  (Powered by the

 All scouts have been emailed their seller ID and a personalized flyer via Troop web site. The flyer has individual online seller ID for and a QR-code for easy access. Feel free to distribute this flyer to anyone interested!

 Ask your parents to register at to help promote your online store!

 Order confirmations take up to 2 business days.

 Contact ( SupportScouts -at- ) if you would like to designate an email for order confirmations or have a concern about a scout's seller ID.

 Online orders are final and are not returnable.

 Setting the Goal Homework

 Always have a goal and a plan! You can show a whole new level of responsibility when you take on paying for your OWN scouting expenses!

The formula for the 20% is very simple: multiply amount of your sales by 0.2 and that's how much will go into your Camping Account(*).


    Say, 50% of people you contact place, on average, a $30 popcorn order. This is a 0.5 response rate.

    Then to reach a $100 goal for your Camping Account you would need to contact 33.3 = ($100 / 0.2 ) / ($30 * 0.5); round up, to 34 people.


    Use the above formula to calculate how many people (per week) you need to contact, to reach your goal by the end of this 7-week fundraiser.

 Selling Tips

 Always be a great example of a CHEERFUL scout. Show your enthusiasm for reaching your goal to go camping!

 Print your personal flyer to communicate your online store details.

 Ask your parents to review messages and posts for social media and ask them to help promote it to their friends.

 Stay safe! Never give strangers your personal information.

 Wait outside - never enter another stranger’s house, garage, workshop, or car.


As usual, there is a patch for participating in the fundraiser and a pin specific to the Military Donation.

Please see attached flyers (2 pages) for detailed list of prizes and rules on how to select multiple prizes - upto to your total popcorn sale amout.

New mega-prizes!

Scouts selling $5,000 or more worth of popcorn can choose one game console as their prize:

  1. Playstation 5,
  2. Nintendo Switch,
  3. Xbox Series X

Scouts selling $2,500 or more worth of popcorn can choose one of several awesome prizes:

  1. A sit-on-top kayak,
  2. A drone with camera,
  3. $200 Amazon gift card,
  4. $200 Best Buy gift card,
  5. An electric scooter,
  6. A karaoke system,
  7. A 43” smart TV.

* Scout's Camping Account Disclaimer

Note that a scout's "Camping Account" is not really a separate bank account. It is a term used for money earmarked in troop's budget to help a scout pay troop fees for camping and membership and cannot be paid out.
Use of this money is limited to purposes approved by the troop's Committee. Currently approved expenses are: membership dues, camping fees for events organized and/or registered at by the troop leadership.

By participating in troop's fundraisers, scouts can accumulate Camping Account resources for as long as they want - until the target event becomes a reality. In the event scout leaves Troop 84, the remaining Camping Account balance goes back to the troop's general fund to help other scouts (it is not transferrable).


Council prizes