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2019 Popcorn - Setting course for camping

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Here is information about this year's popcorn sale - dates, allergen update, how to set goals and how to reach them.
Important dates: sale runs from Saturday, September 14th though troop meeting on Monday, October 21st

New this year

  • Pretzels tin with OSU branding!
  • Trail Mix enhanced with dried fruits. 
  • Individual selling kits for immediate popcorn delivery and patrol selling as a team. 
  • New troop-level competition and prize.
  • There are changes in contents, with new allergens, such as peanuts almonds and etc (see attachment for full details):
  • Online selling accounts are available with free delivery and expanded choices – contact me for your individual online store link.


Setting the Goal

Always,  have a plan and a goal! You can show a whole new level of responsibility when you take on funding your OWN camping!

Formula is not difficult, so get your pencils out and follow along:

1. First $100 helps to fund the troop

2. Sales above $100 will be funding scout's "Camping Account" at 32% rate.

3. Pick a campout you want to fund and set your goal by dividing that cost by 0.32 

    Simply put, $300 in popcorn sales has ($300 - $100) x 32% = $64 going towards Camping Account. 

    See more examples in the attached flyer.


Important Dates and Homework

Popcorn sale starts: Saturday, September 14th . All scouts should have picked up their order forms at the 8/24 Court of Honor meeting. Contact me if you need forms!

Ends at the troop meeting on Monday, October 21st . On this date you need to bring all checks and matching order forms to the troop meeting, so that final popcorn order can be placed with council.  

All checks should be made to "Troop 84". Please convert cash to personal check before turning it in.

Delivery is expected in early November.

Now, for homework you can boost your sales in two ways:

1. Request an online account to email or text your far-away relatives.

2. Pick up a selling kit and have some popcorn to show as you go around the neighborhood. Read further for details on this. 


Individual selling kits

This is an option for popcorn sellers, who are eager to meet their goal and would like 

to avoid a second trip (to deliver popcorn). First, you will “checkout” a mix of popcorn to take with you (in a portable wagon for example?). After you write an order on the form, check your stash and oftentimes you will complete the order on the spot! Just don’t forget to mark it as delivered. 

After two weeks (at the next troop meeting) you will “check in” (return) the order form, money, and unsold popcorn to Kernel. If sale is going well, then you can “check out” another selling kit.

If you run into a more expensive order and do not have item on hand, call Kernel to arrange pickup. 


Troop-wide Competition & Prize

The Patrol Leader Council of the troop had decided to set up a 2-week competition. Scout with most sales will be presented a fun prize at the September 30th meeting. Winner will be declared using the total dollar amout of sales from 9/14 - 9/29, which goves scouts three weekends to plan for.


Selling Tips

Smile and be great example of a CHEERFUL scout. Show your enthusiasm for reaching your goal to go camping!

Project unmistakable scout image by wearing your Class A uniform, hat, belted pants/shorts and hiking shoes. 

 Stay safe! Take a scout buddy or family member with you. Never go into another person’s house, garage or car.  


Selling as a Patrol

Patrols have a great option: plan for a day to get together and sell as a team. Give popcorn Kernel couple days' notice and your patrol will have a "mothership" full of popcorn to speed up your delivery. Plus is fun!

As ususal, each scout fills out their individual order form and sales are not pooled.


Camping Account Disclaimer

Note that scout's "Camping Account" is not really a separate bank account. It is the term used for money set aside in troop's budget to help scout go camping. This money must be used towards scouting expenses approved by the troop committe and is not transferrable.

Scout can accumulate these resourses for couple years until the target campout becomes a reality. By participating in fundraisers scout may build up Camping Account over time. 

If scout leaves the troop, Camping Account goes back to the troop to help other scouts (based on financial need, as determined by the Council and Campership Subcommittee).



Popcorn Order Form (also found at the council web site: )

Troop popcorn flyer

Allergy details from Pecatonica River Popcorn