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COVID-19 Camping Protocol

The leaders of Troop 84 are committed to bring the entire scouting program to each youth member. As one of the 8 methods of scouting, a robust outdoor program is vital to a complete scouting experience. A love of the outdoors and the values of scouting drive us to provide a safe environment. With COVID-19 now in our lives forever, nothing has changed in that commitment to our scouts. Presently the state health restrictions are beginning to ease and we are dedicated to implementing all the current health orders, guidelines, and recommendations from federal, state, and local authorities.

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2020 Popcorn - Online store for each scout

Popcorn by mail

The new school year coincides with the biggest fundraiser for our Troop. This year the Popcorn fundraiser is completely different from last year - with support for social distancing measures.

In this article you will find details about this 2020 popcorn fundraiser: dates, online store, how to set goals and reach them.

Cycling Meeting

On Monday, July 6th, Troop 84 took a 10 mile cycling ride together. It was a blast and everyone had a great deal of fun. A lot of the troop showed up for this event. Before the meeting took place, everyone had to check their bikes at home. Social Distancing policies were executed very nicely and it was a fun and organized first outdoor meeting. This bike ride completed one of the requirements from Cycling merit badge. There are some scouts who are planning on finishing the badge as well! All in all, it was a great meeting to have.

Summer Camp

Sun. 07/12/20 (All day) to Sat. 07/18/20 (All day)
Geneva Hills

The results are in and we have a sufficient amount of interest to schedule a long-term summer camping program. The leaders of Troop 84 will plan and staff a program at Geneva Hills campground. We can offer the following merit badges but will need enough interest from scouts:

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The BIG GIVE June 10-11

Join us during The BIG Give on June 10, 2020 to support Scouts who are making a difference in our communities!

The BIG Give is central Ohio’s rally to lift-up and help non-profits. Our community joins together to generously support the non-profits that help make our region an amazing place to live.

All gifts will be amplified when you donate during The BIG Give and credit card fees are covered. No gift is too small. Visit to learn more.

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Virtual Campout

Dear Scouts, Scouters, and Crews,


Coming up is the two year pre-anniversary for Thunderbase 2022! To help advertise, we will have a Virtual Campout! (Thanks to Covid-19.)


We need your help to advertise and to help make the ‘commercial.’ Camp in your backyard, set up your tents, your firepits, your dutch ovens, and take a picture of yourself doing a scout skill! 


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Summer Camp 2020


Summer Camp is just around the corner! This is an exciting year for Troop 84, as we will be venturing to a new camp on July 19-25!  Camp Friedlander, in the Cincinnati area, is where we are heading, and I can’t wait to get there!